Hanks talks official

Fort Collins linebacker Jake Hanks remains one of the most sought
after in-state football players who have not made a college decision. This
senior recently spent some time taking in his first official college visit.
"I took an official down to Tulsa and I liked it. Their coach also just came
to one of our games. I'm going to see Wyoming for the CSU game so that'll give
me a good feel for where I am at."/p>
Tulsa is among the programs that has an offer on the table for Hanks.
"It is Tulsa, Wyoming, Air Force, and UNC. It is not really official but
North Dakota State said if I take a visit there I will have an offer."
Hanks talked about a number of others that have also talked to him.
"I've heard from Columbia, Princeton, Missouri, and a few others. I'll be
sending out my film at the end of the year to some others."
A decision time table depends on who steps up according to Hanks.
"I'll probably wait until after my season is over. Then I will definitely
send out that senior film. If any other schools are interested, I'll talk to
them. If not, I'll make it shortly after my season."
Hanks has been busy helping his high school team make strides overall this
"It started off rough but we won six in a row and are in the playoffs. I'm
really happy with how we have turned it around."
Their first round battle against Lakewood is one he is not looking past.
"I know they were in the state championship last year and are a good team.
I've watched film on them and I know they have a tackle committed to Wyoming.
We'll go hard to get ready."
Hanks talked about one Tiger that they must stop.
"I know their running back is pretty good. He looked elusive. It is going to
be a tough game."
There are some things that Hanks feels can help Fort Collins move on.
"It is probably our defense that has to keep playing the way it has been.
Over the six game streak, we have really shut teams down. Our defense needs to
slows them down and our offense has to put up enough points."